10 June 2013

Last Week Fargo, This Week a Windmill in Kenya

Last week I went to Fargo, and now I'm raising money to build a windmill in Kenya. True story. I'm so continually inspired by AJ and Melissa Leon, that I've signed up for their Good Misfit project to help raise money for a windmill in Gambella Village, a village of approximately 500 families outside of Isiolo, Kenya.

Gambella's journey out of abject poverty and dependence on aid began 5 years ago, when Jeff Power and the Global Hope Network first started working with them toward full sustainability. Now, they are one step away from completing this awesome journey: the installation of a windmill that will provide year-round irrigation for their crops, vastly improving the amount of food they can grow and sell. The only thing standing between the people of Gambella and their dream is money, $15,000 to be exact.

I don't know about you, but I don't have a spare $15K laying around, even for this cause. In fact, it seems like both a small amount in the grand scheme of things, and a large amount to raise, especially in today's economy. What if no one person or organization had to raise the money? What if 30 humanitarians pulled their resources to raise $500 each over 30 days to complete this project? That's exactly what we're doing. BAM!

The Good Misfit Project

This project, an experiment organized by AJ Leon, asks the question: can a group of 30 humanitarians from around the globe pull their resources together to fund one project and better the lives of 500 families they have never met? That's what we're here to find out. As part of this group I'm working throughout the month of June to raise $500, a small portion of the grand total $15,000 needed to complete the project.

How Can You Help? Donate...and get COOKIES!

Look, I know people are on a budget, and you need to choose where you put your hard-earned dollar. Sometimes, you need to get something back, something more than just a good feeling from helping out. So, I've created a donation model that allows you to give, and get something back...like cookies, pie or brownies! We all deserve a treat now and again. Pledge using the form below and I'll deliver baked goods to your door (within 15 miles of my location in Havertown, PA USA) OR I'll ship your order of cookies or brownies to you anywhere in the Continental US ($5 S&H).

What's Your Story?

THERE'S MORE! If your waistline, like your budget, is on a diet you can still get something out of this deal. I can help you tell your story. Choose the "Feed Your Soul" option below and get a 30-minute Skype session with me to help you create your own narrative and tell your story to the world *or* I will work with you to solve a problem that's holding you back. We are all remarkable. We are all capable of great things. Sometimes all it takes is an objective observer, a kind soul, a fellow misfit to get you on your way. I've helped brands including VW, Claritin, GE Health Care, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and countless Fortune 500 companies successfully tell their stories and propel forward. Let me help you and in return you can help the people of Gambella get the windmill – and the freedom – they need.

Thank you!

Fill out my online form.

**The Fine Print

Baked goods will be available for delivery (within a 15-mile radius of Havertown, PA USA) or shipping by mid-July. Cookies and brownies can be shipped anywhere within the Continental US for an addition $5 S&H above your base donation. Apple pies are available for IN-PERSON DELIVERY ONLY. Please include instructions for delivery of your order (i.e., your delivery/shipping address OR your Skype name so we may add you) in the comments section of the form above. Thank you.